Adding more Admins to your Riding Area

As an admin of your riding area, you have the authority to make other users admins if needed.

1. Getting Started

Click the dark Admin tab to pull up the Admin Panel. 

2. The Admin Panel

In the Admin panel, click groups, on the far left.

3. Groups

Click edit, on the far right, under Groups Assigned to this region.

4. Add User

Next to Members at the bottom of the page, search for the user to add. Permissions are set at the group level, which means the admin and notify checkboxes don’t do anything, but they used to, so checking them anyway just in case is suggested (read why). After you click the submit button, you can click edit again to confirm the addition.


Both the admin and notify checkboxes are old, grandfathered from the original permissions in Trailforks.  The admin selection would give the user actual admin permissions meaning they could confirm or reject submissions, but this is now handled at the group level.  And notify refers to the notifications an admin would get if something in the region needs attention, again a newer system has been developed. But it’s a good idea to check these just in case there is some legacy code somewhere. There is no way to check or uncheck these later but it’s not like it matters.