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July 2015: Harris Lake County Park Trails ‘Berm’ Project

We built two new berms within a tight ‘S’ turn before an elevated ladder bridge.  And we shortened the bridge to leave us with a straight shot across the bridge.  We also dredged out some sediment from the drainage which also provided us with some excellent shape-able material for our berms. With 13 excellent volunteers, we worked 3.5 hours and then went for a ride.


2015: Second Annual Crabtree Time Trail 06/21/15

TORC held the second annual Crabtree Time Trial in conjunction with TORCFest (formerly known as Fat Tire Festival!) on June 21, 2015. It was an awesome day for mountain biking and racing for little kids and big kids. We had 81 unique racers with a few people doing a “do-over” lap!  This year we raised close to a $1000 which will go into our trail building fund. Find the winners and finish times on webscorer.

2015: Nuclear Burn Time Trial

The rain held out and we got in our first time trial event at Harris Lake County Park on May 15, 2015.  The route included the Intermediate and Advanced trails for one hard 6-ish mile lap.  There were 35 fantastic racers!  This is the first race where we had 5 kids (< age 12) enter and race.  Nothing is cooler than seeing a kid race a mountain bike. We also had 3 juniors and a record setting 8 women competing!  Another great part about this race was the number of first timers.

Kids racing and winning!

2015: Make More Fun at the Crab!

TORC contracted with Native Trails and Elevated Trail Design to fulfill the RTP grant project at Lake Crabtree County Park in the spring of 2015. Feedback from an earlier poll revealed a desire to add more “fun factor” to the second half of the LCCP trail network. A portion of the grant was used to extend the dirt jumps farther and to circuit back around towards the beginning of the jump line. This allows the dirt jumpers to circle back around to the top versus walking back up the sides of the jump line. Some of the drainage issues were also fixed. Less fun, but still very important work.

2014: TORC Supports Youth Mountain Biking and Racing, Hopes to Win a NICA Bid

In the fall of 2014, TORC collaborated with other mountain biking community members who were heavily involved in youth mountain biking development, youth cycle-cross, and high school mountain bike racing. The goal: winning a NICA bid in our area for our North Carolina high school mountain bikers.

2014: TORC Women only skills clinic led by Trek’s Melinda Bowen

In April of 2014, TORC hosted a skills clinic for women only, led by Melinda Bowen, a Trek Factory Demo Rep. This free event was held at Lake Crabtree County Park and sponsored by Trek, Cycling Spoken Here, a local bike shop, and TORC. Lake Crabtree was a great venue, centrally located between Raleigh and Durham, with ample asphalt for parking and practicing skills, covered picnic facilities as well as over 10 miles of single track trail.

Approximately 20 women of varying ages from 16 to 50 and skill levels attended the morning event beginning with individual bike fittings and a review of shocks, shifting, brakes and saddle height.  Skills instruction followed with a review of ready position, front wheel and rear wheel lifting and obstacles. After instruction, the participants were able to practice each skill in the parking area. Then Mel set up a single track skills course to practice all the skills reviewed.

2014: Adding to the Fun on Bennett Mountain

Seven hard workers showed up to pack in the rock armored log with dirt over at the base of Bennett Mountain, as well as heighten and shape the jump for a little more pop into the air.  We smoothed out the down hill lander. Then we worked on a natural rock feature to incorporate a packed dirt table top.  It’s a little small but it’s a nice easy fun feature alongside the trail for anyone to jump or roll.

2013: Volunteer Trail Workday at Briar Chapel

We had a trail workday at Briar Chapel over the winter holiday in 2013. Two trail building companies, Elevated Trail Designs and Native Trails, came out and volunteered their time to finish up what were then the most recent additions to the Briar Chapel trail system. It was a good crowd of volunteers too, getting in the holiday spirit with a little trail building. Post workday food was provided by Briar Chapel and everybody enjoyed awesome brews from Crank Arm Brewing.

2013: The Bennett Mountain Trails in Briar Chapel

In late 2013, TORC contracted with Native Trails for the next piece of Briar Chapel trail work at the base of Bennett Mountain.  If you are familiar with the trails, this section is on the right of the hiking trail just after climbing from the wood bridge near the Briar Chapel Parkway road bridge. You have a nice overlook of the Parkway and people driving along the road will be able to see the riders using that section of trail as they drive by.

Bennet Mountain new trail
Native Trails begins the work on Bennet Mountain, 12/11/2013

2013: The Research Triangle Park’s Phase 2 mountain bike trails completed

The Research Triangle Park’s Phase 2 mountain bike trails were completed by the early summer of 2013. The extension roughly doubled the number of trails, adding several new loops full of twists, turns, rises and falls. In keeping with the first phase of loops, these trails are considered intermediate level, with a few technical spots. Trail access is located at the parking lot on Louis Stephens Drive, just south of the Kit Creek Road intersection. The new project provided the opportunity to connect the trails to the parking lot. At the kiosk at the far end of the lot, you’ll see a trail map, with rules of the trail. The starting point is next to the kiosk. This is a shared trail. In addition to cycling, it’s a great place for a nature walk or a vigorous hike.