Reporting Zones

The standard bulk reporting feature applies to riding areas. Reporting zones allows more customized groupings of trails that you can then apply bulk report updates. Report zones use the “trail lists” feature to specify the trails in a zone, then a bulk report can be applied to that trail list.

We are using this feature to designate the 2 sides of CNF, to make it easier to close or open only one side if needed.

1. Finding the Trail List

From the CNF riding area map, click the More tab to open the drop down menu, then click Trail Lists.

2. The Trail Lists

You are taken to the page that shows the 2 trail lists for CNF, click the side you would like to change.

3. Find Bulk Trail Report

Click the Add / Edit tab on the far right to open the drop down menu and click on Bulk Trail Report.

4. Edit the Report

You are taken to the familiar Bulk Trail Reports page and can make edits to the trails as shown on the basic Instructions.