The Curse at the Crab is one of our favorite endurance races and this year we hope to offer up a 3 hour option along with the 6 hour option.  Do as many laps as you can in 3 hours or 6 hours and see who gets the most laps in the shortest time!

COVID-19 advisory 

Most TORC group activity is on hold for the moment. We are starting to have some socially distant workdays and small group rides, but not much. So it’s especially important to check the meetup page these days.

We have asked for a new date for the Curse at the Crab from the park and it is pending Wake County status on large events. We have asked for a date in June and a date in December. Once we know, we will update this page will all the info, so stay tuned.

Previous year race results

And some photos

2018 Pictures and more pictures

and more pictures 

2017 Pics are here, and here