Oak City Cycling Project has come up with a cool challenge especially for mountain bikers! It is the Tetractus challenge, featuring the various and amazing trails co-designed by, maintained by, and advocated for by TORC!

A Tetractus, or Tetractys, or Tetrad is a mystical triangular figure consisting of ten points. So the Tetractus challenge features ten TORC trails within the Triangle.

Tetractus Rules

To participate in the challenge you must pick up a map at either the shop or from TORC at any one of their many events. This will probably give you an opportunity to check off one of the trails at the same time. Once you receive a map, go ride! There is no time limit on how long it takes to complete the challenge, but use either Strava, Map My Ride, or some other form of GPS tracking device to show that you rode the trail.

Once you finish a trail, bring your map to the shop (212 E. Franklin St in Downtown Raleigh), and they will stamp off that trail! If you do multiple in one day or, say, a weekend and want to come in on a Monday to get three or four stamps, that is fine. You can only receive completion stamps at the shop at this time. Once you receive stamps for all ten trails you will get… ready for it?


the Tetractus patch
the Tetractus patch