TORC’s races are a great way to meet other local mountain bikers and compete.

TORC holds several races per year. Each race usually has multiple categories, so that you can compete with others at your skill level as individuals or as a team.

What is a TORC Time Trial Race?

We like XC and endurance races but TORC also wants to try something slightly different so we are putting on three time trial races in the Triangle.  We did two races in 2014 – one at Lake Crabtree County Park which was ~3 miles long and one at Beaverdam Falls Lake Stake Park which was ~7.5 miles (all of South Loop minus the Drop Zone). In 2015, we added a time trial race at Harris Lake County Park.

Our idea for a Time Trial Race

Each racer is assigned a start time with at least 1-2 minute intervals between individuals (two racers cannot start at the same time).  You decide what time you want to start given the window available (i.e. if the race is from 10-1 pm, you could choose to start your lap at 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM or at the latest 12:59 PM).  The last rider will leave at the assigned drop-dead time (in the example here that would be 12:59 PM) and riders will be released first come, first served.  From there it is a one lap sprint to the finish.  Riders are expected to use good etiquette in overtaking slower riders (holler out if you want to pass, try to pass on the left).  Races with a “do-over” option will allow you to run an additional lap at an additional charge if you wish and your fastest of the two is the one that will be scored.

This format will allow riders to show up early, race, and leave if necessary.  It also MAY allow riders to show up later and race, however be warned that intervals will not be reduced to less than 1 minute and riders will be released in the order they get there.  So if a line forms late and gets longer than the cut-off time, some riders will not get to race.  Riders waiting too long may also not assume a refund will be available.

What’s fun about this: you are racing but there is no mass start with a bunch of other racers. You basically have to pace yourself and see if you can sustain a strong pace based on the race mileage. Your pace may be radically different from the Crabtree Time Trial and the Beaverdam South Loop Time trial because of the difference in mileage and terrain.  In either case, you get to see how well you can out and out sprint and how good your lactate threshold is under timed conditions.  Plus winners can score a cool TORC stainless cup and either cash or gift cards from our sponsors.

Race Results

Find the race results for all previous TORC races on our webscorer page.


Chip Timing Tags

To accurately measure your time during a race, we use chip timing tags. Please RETURN your chip tags after the event is over- they are reusable! We use RFID chip tags.

You will get two tags

Mount one on your helmet, centered left to right at the very back of the helmet, with the RFID chip facing up.  Use 2 zip ties to secure to your helmet.

The other tag should go on your fork, and it is very important to have it situated on either the left or right side of the fork facing outwards and with the RFID chip (the squiggly portion) NOT touching the fork. RFID tags do not work if in contact with metal or carbon fiber.