Trail Coordinator Instructions

Trailforks uses “riding areas” to organize trails. As you might expect, a riding area will be closed or open if all the trails in it are closed or open, and a red or green icon will show in the status list on the TMTB and TORC websites.

But if only some trails are closed, the icon will be yellow, and riders will need to click to find out which trails are closed in that riding area (if they care). But a yellow icon means the riding area is open overall.

Most of our riding areas are either completely open or closed, but we still have to manage them in Trailforks at the trail level, opening and closing the individual trails. Luckily, it’s easy, with a bulk edit feature. Scroll down to see instructions at the bottom of this page.

Who can make edits.

By default any user logged in to Trailforks user can open or close trails, and will have access to many other settings under the yellow Add / Edit tab on the right. As a trail reporter, you should subscribe to your region to get email notifications so you can monitor any changes. Some settings will require approval, but the status will be live as soon as the user submits the report. You probably want to know about it, so subscribing is recommended.

You have the option of making it so “Trail status changes require approval” which means the user’s change will be pending until you approve or deny it. This is especially useful for managed areas that require authorization, places with gates or closed signs. Find the toggle by clicking the Add / Edit tab, then “edit region” at the top of the pulldown menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page, to find the “Trail status changes require approval” checkbox in the Admin settings. Or just ask me. In this case, as a trail reporter, you really should be subscribed so you know when there is a pending update.

Adding more Trail Reporters

As an admin of your riding area, you have the authority to make other users admins if needed.

Updating Trail Status

The instructions and video below show you one way to bulk update the trail status for the trails in your riding area.

1. Getting Started

Click the dark Admin tab to pull up the Admin Panel.

2. The Admin Panel

In the Admin panel, click bulk trail reports under Bulk Data Editing.

3. Bulk Trail Reports

Click the radio button for either Clear / Green or Closed under Status/Issues. You should either change the Condition to None / Use Previous or select the obvious choice, like wet if trails are closing due to rain. Then click check all above the trail list. Note other options, like scheduling, are also available. Next you can add a reason under new report description and click copy on that line to copy it to the other rows, and then submit.

4. Trail Report History

You are taken to the Reports tab where you can see the changes listed along with other information.