Using Trailforks to Update Trail Status

These instructions and the video below are for updating the trail status using Trailforks (the website, not the App). The status will show up on TMTB and TORC but the source of the information is Trailforks.

Not a Trailforks user? Send us an email to let us know what needs updating.


1. Select the riding area you want to update.

To get started, click on a riding area name in the list on this page to open the Trailforks Bulk Updates page in a new tab.

2. Status/Issues

At the top left corner of the page, select the radio button next to the green or red circle to open or close the trails (you’ll select the trails in step 4). Ignore the caution message.

3. Condition

This is optional, but you could select the radio button for “Wet” if you’re closing the trails because they are wet for example.

4. Check All

Scroll down to the table listing all the trails. Just above this list, look for the check all link to select all the trails in the riding area. Deselect individual trails if needed.

5. Submit

Don’t forget to submit the changes. The submit button is located below the trails, at the bottom of the page.

Watch the demo video

Subscribe to get Change Notifications

Subscribe to get an email when trail status changes, and know the moment a trail opens or closes. Scroll to the bottom of the riding area or trail page to find the Subscribe tag (see this video).

Official Trail Reporters

Trail status updates are normally made by official TORC designated trail reporters (if you would like to be a trail reporter, let us know). But regular Trailforks users can post updates using the instructions above. The status may be pending until a trail reporter can review it.

For many of the riding areas that are gated, or officially open or closed, the trail reporter is the land manager, so the latest report is probably accurate. And there should be minimal lag between what the gate says and what the on-line status says. But it’s always a good idea to call or double check first if it’s rained recently.